Girl, Stolen (Paperback)

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Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of a car while her mom fills her prescription for antibiotics. Before Cheyenne realizes what's happening, their car is being stolen. Griffin hadn't meant to kidnap Cheyenne, but once his dad finds out that Cheyenne's father is the president of a powerful corporation, everything changes--now there's a reason to keep her. How will Cheyenne survive this nightmare? Because she's not only sick with pneumonia--she's also blind.

About the Author

April Henry is the "New York Times" bestselling author of many acclaimed mysteries for adults and young adults, including the YA novel "The Night She Disappeared" and the thriller "Face of Betrayal," co-authored with Lis Wiehl. She lives in Oregon.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781406334852
Publisher: Walker & Company
Publication Date: February 1st, 2012

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