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Others have written SF on the theme of immortality, but in "The Boat of a Million Years," Poul Anderson made it his own. Early in human history, certain individuals were born who live on, unaging, undying, through the centuries and millenia. We follow them through over 2000 years, up to our time and beyond-to the promise of utopia, and to the challenge of the stars.

A milestone in modern science fiction, a "New York Times" Notable Book on its first publication in 1989, this is one of a great writer's finest works.

About the Author

The bestselling author of such classic novels as Brain Wave and The Boat of a Million Years, Poul Anderson won just about every award the science fiction and fantasy field has to offer. He won multiple Hugos and Nebulas, the John W. Campbell Award, The Locus Poll Award, the Skylark Award, and the SFWA Grandmaster Award for Lifetime Achievement. His later books include Harvest of Stars, The Stars are Also Fire, Operation Luna, Genesis, Mother of Kings, and Going for Infinity, a collection and retrospective of his life's work. Poul Anderson lived in Orinda, California where he passed away in 2001.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780765310248
ISBN-10: 0765310244
Publisher: Tor Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2004
Pages: 470
Language: English

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